Every once in a while we come across a headline that reminds us why we spend so much time dragging traditional media. Sure, most days they give us plenty of ammo to make fun of them in story after story, but it can start to feel sort of like low hanging fruit.

Until you come across something like this from the New York Times.


Students didn’t appreciate Democrats and gun-grabbers (same damn thing) using the death of their fellow student to play politics, so they walked out. They didn’t ‘disrupt’ any vigil, the a-holes exploiting a dead student were disrupting the vigil.

And this is how the NYT covers it?

Eff them sideways.


It was never about mourning the lost student and it was always about playing politics.

We’re not sure who’s more disgusting here, the gun-grabbers who tried to use a vigil to push gun-control or the a-hole media trying to run cover for them by pretending the students were at fault.

You know what? Both suck.

Indeed they are.


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