Matthew Dowd blocked Twitchy.

Can you believe that?! Gosh, Matthew, was it something we said? Considering all we really ever do is use his own words does that mean deep down he really wants to block himself?

So many questions.

And we have even more questions about this tweet.

Some advice to Matthew: Sit down.

Others had even more advice for him …


Sad ain’t it?

Because the only thing that matters to the Left (and sorry, Matthew, you’re no independent) is that we give all of our money to the government so it can take care of us and raise our children.


What she said.


Whoohoo for the leprechauns riding unicorns!

Note, this editor spent a good deal of time digging through these replies (which was no easy feat considering he has both this editor and Twitchy blocked) and the amount of gross, lazy, and mean stereotyping his followers spew is disgusting. To be honest, he blocks so many people who disagree with him it was difficult to find much of a debate to cover on this thread. Talk about a sad little echo chamber.


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