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'DNC send a memo?' Obama, Hillary, other Dems prove their GROSS bigotry by calling Sri Lanka victims #EasterWorshippers

Remember when Democrats booed God at their own convention? We suppose we shouldn’t be shocked that Obama, Hillary, and other prominent Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to call the hundreds of people who were killed in Sri Lanka FOR THEIR FAITH, Christians.


And instead, they coined a new phrase …

Easter worshippers?

WTF is an Easter worshipper?

People don’t worship Easter, they worship Christ on Easter making them Christians. Nobody worships the Easter Bunny, Barry.

We’re thinking so because Cankles McCankleface also used this disrespectful term.

Easter worshippers.

No shame.

This same, pandering shill had no issue tweeting specifically about other faiths.

Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to say the word, Christians, even when hundreds of them had been killed because they WERE CHRISTIANS.


No words.

It’s who they are.


Awww, that’s it.

The propaganda arm of the Democratic Party did their part, yup.


They’d have been better off saying NOTHING at all.


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