If we see one more yahoo in the media patting themselves on the backs pretending the Mueller Report in some way exonerated their coverage of the president over the past two years we may toss our computer out of the window and run screaming from the room.

It’s unreal how lacking in self-awareness these people really are … like Julia Ioffe for example.

Extremely accurate.

Gosh, if memory serves the media spent the last two years insisting Trump colluded with Russia and yeah, THAT was inaccurate. So WTF is Julia even talking about here?

Yes, it’s other people who need an explanation, Julia.

One must wonder if she’s bright enough to see the irony of her own tweet. Hot takes analysis is EXACTLY what she just did.

Mollie wasn’t having ANY of it.

Sweet baby corn, for real?

You know what, we got nothin’.

Nobody claimed these people were the brightest crayons in the box. Seriously, she just said the report showed how accurate their reporting was.

That’s a whole lotta derp.


Ouch again.

Dude, us too.

True dat.

Indeed she does.

Julia accuses Twitchy of threatening her for writing about these tweets in 3 … 2 … 1


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