As Twitchy editors, we read a LOT of stupid takes on Twitter. Let’s be honest, that’s sort of our thing … well, that and making fun of Ron Perlman for accusing us of being Russian agents for the past two years but really at the end of the day what we’re looking for is someone saying something so ridiculous that we can write an entire article on it.

And lucky for us, Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post had our backs today.

She thinks the Mueller report exonerated the media.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write it.

Ok. Karen.

She’s talking about herself.


These people have learned NOTHING.

Hi Karen.



But also laughing.

Among other things.

Even the Left is cranky with the media. LOL.

Stunning? Not really. These people have been patting themselves on the backs for years. Their egos know no bounds.

Wouldn’t put it past them.

You’d think but hey, at least we all got a good laugh anyway, right?


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