In case you missed it (and with the way the media has avoided reporting it and Democrats are spinning like mad) the main takeaway from the Mueller Report is that the president did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election.

Yeah yeah, there is a bunch of other stuff in the report but at the end of the day, WHAT Mueller was asked to investigate was unfounded which is why the media and Dems are doing their damnedest to make sure they find a way to spin the report into a new narrative.

Or in other words, move those goalposts.

Kimberley Strassel had another take on the report which could be very damning for the FBI (and the Obama administration).

From Kimberley Strassel via The Wall Street Journal:

The report instead mostly reads as a lengthy defense of the FBI—of its shaky claims about how its investigation began, of its far-fetched theories, of its procedures, even of its leadership. One of the more telling sections concerns Mr. Comey’s firing. Mr. Mueller’s team finds it generally beyond the realm of possibility that the FBI director was canned for incompetence or insubordination. It treats everything the FBI or Mr. Comey did as legitimate, even as it treats everything the president did as suspect.

Mr. Mueller is an institutionalist, and many on his team were the same Justice Department attorneys who first fanned the partisan collusion claims. He was the wrong man to provide an honest assessment of the 2016 collusion dirty trick. And we’ve got a report to prove it.

Conflict of interest … hello?

We’ve been saying that for months.


Could see it.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

As Strassel said, we’ve got the report to prove it.


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