The Washington Post just admitted they are not to be taken seriously as journalists. Granted, we knew they were more propaganda than news years ago but this front page truly seals the deal. They are … wait for it … waaait for it … FAKE NEWS.

Da da DA!

But seriously, this is ri-damn-diculous.

Ummm … WaPo seems to have missed the most important part of the report. You know, that whole collusion and how there wasn’t any thing?

Amazing in a really and truly terrible way.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

The front page headline might as well read, ‘ORANGE MAN BAD’.

Six headlines on the page and not ONE of them highlights the most important finding of all, the REASON Democrats put Americans and the president through this BS for two years. Unreal.

WaPo would first have to understand what shame is to be ashamed of themselves so wouldn’t hold your breath.

Because DOUBLING DOWN is all they have left.



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