It’s been interesting watching the Left and the media react to not only the Mueller Report but to AG Barr’s press conference earlier today. So many of them have been trying to pretend it was a political speech in favor of Trump when in reality all it was WAS Barr’s explanation and findings.

Some of them even snarked that Sarah Sanders might as well have ‘written’ a press release for Barr, like Larry Sabato.

Dude, WTF?

Or as Brit Hume said:


This oughta be good.

Plenty of proof? Because Mueller isn’t bright enough to draw his own conclusions? Ya’ know, for having spent the last two years pretending Mueller would somehow save them from ‘the orange man’ they sure have turned on him quickly.

Brit responded.

Brit has been on a ROLL today. Wow!

John Harwood tried to chime in …

But Brit let him talk to the hand.



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