All day long today we’ve seen nothing from the Left except a lot of shrieking, accusations, chest-thumping, and all-out meltdowns and for why? Because their president is not a bad guy who conspired with Russia to win an election.

No treason.

No nothing.

You’d think as Americans they’d be relieved that nothing transpired with Russia but oh no, these same people put all of their anti-Trump eggs in that one Mueller Report basket and now they don’t know what to do with themselves. And of course, it doesn’t help when Democrats like Adam Schiff are insisting they must now question Mueller as if there is something being hidden (he really is an awful little man).

Rep. Dan Crenshaw said it best.


So much boom that it stopped booming, came around the corner and started booming again.

Right? Sadly, they’re clearly not ready to move on and from reading through the comments on Dan’s tweet we’re wondering if reading comprehension is an issue with people on the Left.

On what page does it say he did?


Spin spin spin.

We’re sure Dan is crushed.

The irony.

Ugh, gross.

You know what, we can’t.

They are so angry.

How far back into his head do you think Dan rolled his eyes when he read this?



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