Soooo let us get this straight. Mueller investigated whether or not Trump colluded with Russia for two years, Mueller worked with Barr to make any and all legal redactions to the report before it was released to the public and to Congress …and Adam Schitt, sorry Schiff, wants him to do what now?

If this editor was Mueller she’d tell Adam to pull his lower lip over his head and swallow.

This freakin’ guy.

And you know what’s the worst thing about this? The sad people responding to him, desperate for there to be some sort of coverup, cheering him on and HE KNOWS there is no collusion. He KNOWS that he’s playing politics and too bad if it hurts people.

All that matters is that he can continue playing the BUT RUSSIA card until 2020.


He’s more likely to find Elvis than he is to find some magical collusion between Trump and Russia.

Too late.

We made THAT exact face.

He knows. He just hopes his supporters are too stupid to figure it out.


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