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'Like that crap Kavanaugh story?' Mollie Hemingway throws DOWN when Ronan Farrow gets all 'mystical' about being a journo

We’re not entirely sure what Ronan Farrow was going for here with this weird gif on a tweet talking about how he became an investigative journalist but we gave up trying to understand these folks a long, long time ago.


Apparently, he owes his entire career to the tower rotation puzzle in ‘Myst’.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it. Sure, we’re covering it but the tweet? Not it.

Alrighty then.

Mollie Hemingway had a few questions about the tweet … maybe the super weird gif confused her too.

Yeah, SO weird.

Also, someone might want to get Ronan a little aloe for that burn … yowza.

We remember too.

And Ronan more than earned it with that awful Kavanaugh hit job he tried to pull.

Some of us aren’t quite ready to forgive and forget just yet.


She is truly one of our spirit animals.

They’ve done this to themselves and the karma really is glorious.


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