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Bloated INEPTOCRATS! Conservative woman lays out the 2020 Democrat platform and it's even WORSE than you thought

We are hearing a lot of babbling and yapping from various Democrats about what they want to do should they beat Trump in 2020. Honestly, it can get a tad bit overwhelming and difficult to understand everything Democrats have on their agenda, especially with yahoos like Beto telling his supporters he wants them to mold him into their president.


Don’t make that face, we didn’t say it.

Luckily, one of our favorite (and one of the brightest) women on Twitter, @molratty, took the time to go through their mess and make a ‘list’ of their proposals … that is fairly disturbing. Take a gander.

YIKES! Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Mob rule.


We’d be excited if they’d just read something other than Buzzfeed or ThinkProgress.

Scary stuff.

We told you!


If they were smart they wouldn’t be Democrats.

Sorry, not sorry.


Hey, at least we’ll all get a free pony while we’re living in serfdom …


Holy mother of GHOUL! Only Valerie Jarrett could so GROSSLY exploit the Christchurch shooting in THIS way

‘He’s just 12 years old, you A*SHAT.’ Ron Perlman gets all big and bad … going after Barron Trump

‘Who’s YOUR daddy’? Dem candidate Andrew Yang’s reason for WHY he believes in science turns into HILARIOUS thread

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