Wait, what now?

Valerie Jarrett is using the tragic shooting in New Zealand to shame American leaders, pretending they put the NRA ahead of the safety of the people? Seriously?

Wow. Like most Democrats, we’re not entirely sure Valerie understands who the NRA is and what it actually does. Or she does know but she also knows her vapid base doesn’t so why not score some cheap political points at the expense of a bunch of people who lost their lives in a foreign country.

So very typical.

Don’t ask.


Wait, wrong talking point …


There we go.

Don’t bother Valerie with facts, she’s busy exploiting a tragedy for her own agenda.

If they admit they’re rallying against the #2A then they have to admit they do want to take peoples’ guns. And they’re not ready to be that honest … just yet.

Wonder if ‘Fast and Furious’ rings any bells for our ol’ buddy Val.


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