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This broad majored in Economics ... REALLY? AOC's 'fix' for student loans earns her a serious SCHOOLING on tax cuts

When you read this doozy of a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keep in mind this is the same woman who thought turning Amazon away somehow saved New York three billion in taxes …


For being someone who supposedly has a degree in Economics this is surprisingly, even shockingly ignorant.

A tax cut is not a cost. You don’t make less money yourself and consider that ‘a cost.’ It’s like she thinks money grows on trees … ya’ know, maybe she does. We were just being funny but it’s entirely possible she doesn’t understand that the government’s money comes from THE PEOPLE.

And we shouldn’t have to pay someone else’s student loans … that is insane. Like legit batsh*t.

She knew her tweet would get a reaction:


Just because some people in the world are as dense as AOC is when it comes to talking about tax cuts doesn’t mean she’s right. And it’s not whining when people correct her for tweeting this amount of stupid.

Millennials. *eye roll*

And that’s NO, we’re not paying for a bunch of student loans we didn’t take out.

True story.

Calvin Coolidge just smiled from the grave.


She really and truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


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