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WOMP WOMP: Greenpeace trying to discredit co-founder Patrick Moore to kiss up to AOC turns into a TSUNAMI of stupid

Ever since Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore called AOC a pompous little twit and said the Green New Deal is basically garbage our good, kind friends in the climate change cult have been shrieking at and about him.


Greenpeace itself came out and tried to claim Moore wasn’t a co-founder of their organization.

Awww, and look at them desperately trying to kiss up to AOC.

That would be adorable if it weren’t so damn sad and pathetic.

There’s just one small problem with their claim … their own website.

Womp womp.

It’s what the Left does when they can’t deal with criticism from anyone, including one of their own.


Oh brother.


Trump has made it very clear that he wants to halt climate action, dismantle the EPA, greenlight seismic testing — the whale-killing precursor to offshore drilling — and pass legislation that will negatively affect the planet and everyone on it forever.

It’s moments like this and many others that make a legally-mandated pact on climate that demands a fossil fuel phase out not only important, but a tool to accelerate action on climate change in the time needed to make a difference.

They went full AOC … never go full AOC.

Works for us!


Wait … WTF? CODEPINK goes completely off the rails in anti-Semitic attack on *checks notes* Kamala Harris

So OWNED: Media Matters’ dbag snidely compares ‘Jexodus’ to ‘Blexit’ calling them fake, gets DROPPED by Chad Felix Greene

Truly the BEST revenge –> Brit Hume drops a MASSIVE truth bomb on Leftist rage-donkeys calling for Fox News’ head

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