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Psst, your STUPID is showing: Congrats to Paul Krugman for easily the DUMBEST take on anti-Semitism YET

Paul Krugman’s desperation to support a political party over condemnation of a congress member who openly hates one of our most important allies is troubling, to say the least. We get it, Paul has a narrative to push and an agenda to support but pretending that some anti-Semitism is not as bad as other anti-Semitism based on a political ideal is some warped shiznit to say the least.


Look at this.

Only one brand of anti-Semitism scares him.

What the absolute eff word?! Call us crazy but anti-Semitism scares the crap out of us regardless of how the anti-Semites in question might vote.


He’s only scared of certain anti-Semites apparently. Yeah, we know, it’s stupid.


When people who typically agree with you are calling BS? Maybe time to rethink the tweet.

Seems we all understand this … but Paul.


Rinse/REPEAT: Rep. Adam Schiff and CNN definitely DON’T want you reading Nick Short’s thread so make sure you READ IT

Thank you, NEXT! Dana Loesch OWNS Rep. Rashida Tlaib and the Dem. Party by suggesting THIS person for their new mascot

‘WTF? Seriously. WTF’?! The Atlantic uses R. Kelly to smear Brett Kavanaugh and WHOA NELLY that’s a LOT of backfire

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