Nick Short put together a short but powerful thread on the shady relationship Rep. Adam Schiff and other Democrats have with the media, in particular with CNN.

Take a gander.

Quite the little operation they have, right? And really, it is an operation. Schiff for brains relies on CNN to make his case for him by giving them ‘exclusives’, then he comes on their network as some sort of expert and this feeds the vapid Leftist base who in turn continues to shriek about Russia which empowers him to continue his witch hunt.

And at this point, it really is starting to look like one.

No wonder Trump called him Schitt instead of Schiff.

Short had some examples …

Wait, CNN reported fake news?

We’re shocked … SHOCKED!

Schiff head is a Democrat and for whatever reason, they get away with almost anything. Heck, look at Hillary Clinton.

Schiff and other Democrats seem to have forgotten their jobs aren’t to try and impeach Trump 24/7. But on the other hand, his constituents elected him so they are getting the government they deserve.

And Schiff knows all about the swamp.


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