The Left just can’t quit Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Imagine how backward and broken you’d have to be to compare a man who is understandably angry that he and his family have been lied about and smeared in order for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to play politics to a man like R. Kelly. And then claiming it was to appeal to male viewers?

What the Hell has happened to The Atlantic?

From The Atlantic:

The closest comparison here might be to the #MeToo target now on the Supreme Court. The substance of what the two men have been accused of differs vastly, but their responses—and the cultural scripts they draw upon—rhyme. Brett Kavanaugh shouted about Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations as being unfair given the life he’s lived, while Kelly argued that his previous acquittal meant the present allegations were also “unfair.” Boys-will-be-boyslogic—whether about drunken tomfoolery or sexual conquest—play in both’s defense. Most strikingly, the force and fury of the tactics used by both men make the same dare. For those inclined to believe the accused, passion in the face of prosecution could read as innocence. For those who aren’t, it might look like a predator’s brutality coming out.

Just freakin’ wow.


This is ‘The Atlantic’ we’re talking about, scoring cheap political points is all they really seem to know anymore.

They just need, ‘Republicans POUNCE’ now.

And it’s a good one.



Not bad. *writes that one down*

Gosh, these comments are brutal. ALMOST as brutal as comparing Kavanaugh to R. Kelly of all people.


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