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NO ESCAPE! Caleb Hull's thread on trying to get OUT of an interview with Alex Jones funniest damn thing you'll read today

Would appear the producer from The Alex Jones show reached out to Caleb Hull about coming on Alex’s show to discuss the photo of AOC having dinner with her Chief of Staff who just so happened to be eating a big, ol’, juicy,’ cow-fart causing hamburger and her reaction to the media covering said photo.


As we all know, she was not a happy camper.

Caleb’s response to the invitation was hilarious AND only the beginning …

Caleb’s response may have backfired, however.

And then it backfired again.

It gets better.

And Daria’s response?

Ok, THIS was pretty damn funny.

Sounds to us like Caleb may have to suck it up and go on the show.


It IS Infowars we’re talking about, fair point.

And c’mon, Caleb, be a good sport.



SHOCKER! Guess who’s a HUGE fan of CO’s governor undermining the Electoral College (he STILL doesn’t know we’re a Republic)

‘This FIGHT isn’t over’! Cocaine Mitch lights Senate Dems UP for their shameful vote AGAINST protecting babies (watch)

Feminists POUNCE?! Ben Shapiro asks about transgender women ‘breaking barriers’ by dominating sports and Twitter can’t EVEN

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