Gosh, why do we get the feeling Rep. Chip Roy doesn’t like this debt-ceiling deal? Oh, probably because since Sunday, all we’ve really seen and heard from the good representative from the state of Texas is that this deal is not great, it’s not good, and Republicans really didn’t get much out of it and should therefore vote no.

To be fair, it can be difficult to really grasp political ‘talk’, so Roy was good enough to share a handy dandy one-page of conservative objections to the deal.

Take a look:

Roy is putting up their original deal to what Biden has supposedly agreed to.


The GOP as a party has also released a handy dandy one-page list of why they believe this deal is good.

And yet Roy is still not impressed.

Sounds like Biden’s people are happy with it, which gives us pause.

But then again, we don’t exactly expect Biden or his team to admit they lost.

Roy continued:

The vote is Wednesday, May 31. We shall see.



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