Oh, we’re so surprised, Eric Holder is totes onboard with states screwing over their voters and giving their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. Forget that it basically would make voting for president pointless in Colorado … c’mon people, if this guy thinks it’s a good idea you KNOW IT’S NOT.

Additionally, like other Democrats, Eric can’t deal with the fact that we are not a Democracy.

Yeah yeah, we know, they’d love mob rule but not happening.

A good reform measure to support. RIGHT. If Trump had won the popular vote these idjits wouldn’t even CONSIDER this ‘reform’. They can’t win by the rules so they want to change the rules … color us not shocked.

Real democracy.


He knows. He just doesn’t like it.

This is the same guy who promised to investigate HIMSELF … keep that in mind.

Like the filibuster? Yeah, Democrats always forget what they do now will likely kick them in the arse later.

Quiet you! It’s the only way a Democrat can win again.


Yeah … us too.


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