NeverTrump seems to have a real problem with Jesse Kelly.

Granted, this editor has a problem with Jesse too but it’s because of his horrible food takes and that damn mint jacket. No, NeverTrump seems to be almost obsessed with the idea that not only does Jesse exist, but that people pay attention to and actually like him.

Like the mean girls in high school … take a look at this.

Notice Jesse’s tweet is 23 days old, this is important further down the thread.

23 days ago.

Now this today.

Tim isn’t just NeverTrump, he’s NeverEVERTrump … so there. He’s so NeverTrump in fact that he dug through Jesse’s hundreds (thousands?!) of tweets to find something he could use to dunk on him.

It’s like they just can’t quit Jesse.

Clearly, this is ruining the fabric of American society, right?

The irony of any of these folks calling the actions of someone else, ‘douchey.’

But we digress.

Dude is clearly worked up.

Luckily there are plenty of decaf brands on the market that are just as good as the real thing.


Jesse did finally notice Tim’s beg for attention:

Yes, yes he did.

Ladies … heh.

Anyone else seeing a pattern with this movement?



These folks never learn.

He sure did! He showed him.


Oh, wait.


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