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All pounced out?! HA! Republicans POUNCE on NYT piece about Republicans 'ASSAULTING' Democrats and we can't even

In case you missed it, The New York Times wrote an entire piece about Republicans not only pouncing on but ASSAULTING Democrats that had Republicans pouncing on the story they wrote about pouncing and assaulting.


Wow, could we say the word, ‘pounce’ any more in one sentence?

You’re welcome.

From The New York Times:

Just two months into the new Congress, Republicans have begun an all-out assault painting Democrats as extremists — even bigots — and trying to tar moderates with their more liberal freshman counterparts’ beliefs. Their talking points appear to be resonating with some voters the Democrats will need next year if they are to keep their majority — and the voters determined to flip the districts back.

‘Tar moderates’. Alrighty.

“It’s a challenge, but it’s what I signed up for,” Ms. Spanberger said in an interview after the town hall. She made a point of thanking her more critical questioners, including Dale Swanson, a founder of the local conservative women’s coalition, for their presence and their questions.

Those poor Democrats, getting called out for pushing legislation that would allow a baby who has just been born to be aborted and protecting a bunch of other Democrats for wearing blackface and being accused of sexual assault. Oh, and we especially feel sorry for them getting painted with the crazy brush about the Green New Deal.


Shame on Republicans! A pox on their house!




Republicans have not yet begun to pounce!


We’re assaulting now, thank you very much.



Ding ding ding.



Well DUH, because they believe Republicans are extremists.


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