OMG, just when we think we can’t write about this woman anymore here we are. Truly, this editor keeps thinking AOC has hit peak stupid (that whole being the boss thing was pretty damn dumb), but every time she thinks that there’s a new tweet or a new video that proves this editor wrong.

Seems AOC doesn’t understand the money she’s paying her staff with comes from taxpayers; like any good socialist, she likely thinks the money she is using for her ‘humane wage’ comes from the Money Fairy. Or is it the Money Tree? We get them confused.

AOC talking about anyone else being disconnected from ANYTHING is hilarious. And no, they don’t think her paying her staff a living wage is communism, they just understand where the money actually COMES FROM.

Sidenote, so is this the new thing on the Left? Claiming anything negative about socialism isn’t really socialism? Asking for a friend.


On the Left, common sense means having ideas that are so crappy they have to enforce them by passing laws.

See Obamacare.

Don’t ask her real questions about economics, she’ll just get confused and start telling us she’s the boss and claiming we don’t need to eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And then she’ll complain that we’re all disconnected or something …

It’s like clockwork.


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