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Sit DOWN! Mollie Hemingway answers CNN's lame question about Trump losing in 2020 with her own PERFECT question and BOOM

Oh, look, CNN is being CNN again.

In other news, water is still wet and a pig’s backside is still pork.


Remember these sorts of questions back in 2016 except then they were about if Trump would concede losing the election to Hillary. We’ll say this much for CNN, they are annoyingly consistent in their babbling BS.

In response, Mollie Hemingway had a question of her own for CNN:

Which country will they blame next? We know … CANADA.



If they’re not writing unsubstantiated and factually untrue stories they’re not writing.

Wait, you mean their hatred and paranoia is not just for Trump but for ANY Republican president?

Color us SHOCKED.


Because RUSSIA!

Ugh, keeping up that narrative must be exhausting.

Awwww, there it is.

We knew it!

Freakin’ China.


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