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SERIOUSLY?! Alyssa Milano asking followers to help her raise $100k for asylum seekers INFURIATES Californians

Hey, good news guys. Alyssa Milano and some of her friends are trying to raise $100,000 to help Californians who lost their homes and loved ones in the massive fires that destroyed huge parts of their state in recent weeks.


Oh wait, that’s not it.

She and her buddies want to raise money for a bunch of people at the border ‘seeking asylum’ here in America.

Remember when Alyssa was desperately trying to move her FIVE HORSES out of the fire’s path and people helped her? You’d think her priority would be giving back to her home state but hey, what do we know?

Others weren’t overly thrilled with her ask:

Right? We’re starting to feel like we’re taking crazy pills.

The entire town is gone but helping a bunch of what looks like men ‘seek asylum’ in America is more important to Alyssa. The picture of the young woman with a baby is very sweet but the reality of the caravan is very different …


Seems legit.

Good point. One would think she and her friends could easily cover that amount to help a bunch of illegal immigrants … er… sorry … asylum seekers at the border.

She’s too busy worrying about her horsies.


Oh yeah, that.

Not this.

C’mon Alyssa, think just a little bit before you tweet.


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