Yeah yeah, we know, Cenk Uygur’s piece about how it’s ok to be a self-centered, unthankful crybaby on Thanksgiving was pretty bad, but when compared to this hot mess from CNN …

CNN wins the dumbest take on Thanksgiving. Sorry, Cenk.

Hands down.


From CNN:

Thanksgiving is a holiday that should, above any other holiday, remind us vividly of our history — including the part that is personal: how we — each of us — wound up as Americans.

So many of us were refugees from oppression — I count my family in this group. The native population welcomed us, and it’s now in our DNA as a nation-state that we are that one place in the world where all people fleeing injustice and poverty and violence will, to the degree we can manage this, be given a warm welcome.

We’ve all benefited immeasurably from immigrants who have struggled to come to our shores. These are hard-working and well-intentioned people willing to give everything they have to honor a nation founded on the principle that “all men are created equal.”

Alrighty then.

Maybe the writers at CNN had a bet about who could write the dumbest piece about Thanksgiving?

Actual EL OH EL.

Bravo indeed.


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