Oh good, Cenk Uygur wrote a piece on how it’s ok not to be thankful on Thanksgiving because he’s super edgy and stuff. We know, you just rolled your eyes as far back in your head as we did when we saw it.

He’s doing the whole, ‘America is greedy and sucks’ thing because Trump is president …

From The Nation (sorry!):

These illusions we see of perfect lives make us feel all the more isolated, particularly around the holidays. Yet the truth is that most Americans hurt and suffer every day. It’s a common feature of being human that we all experience, yet are trained to suppress and treat as taboo. We exhaust our energy trying to present an image of happiness and success, instead of asking others for help when we’re hurting.

Imagine if instead of feeling like you have to fake a smile when you feel pain, we felt like we could confide in each other, to share this experience that is as common and as human as eating and breathing. What if we were able to acknowledge that we are all in trouble and in need in our own way? What if, instead of messages of superficial happiness this time of year, we were instead surrounded by messages urging us to love each other and help those in need?

Notice how Cenk leaves out how this time of year Americans donate more of their time and money than at any other but whatever.

America BAD.



HA! Unless Obama is president and then they’re at least thankful for that guy.


This went well, Cenk.


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