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'SPARE us the moralizing bullsh*t!' Glenn Greenwald takes Trump/ Saudis bromance narrative APART in EPIC thread

Glenn Greenwald’s thread on the relationship between U.S. politicians and the Saudis for DECADES really speaks for itself, so to avoid screwing up a good thing this editor will write very little about it. It started with Greenwald responding to Jake Tapper …


What he said.

Buuuuuuut Trump!

He is not excusing or justifying Trump’s behavior (and he’s certainly not giving Kushner a pass, wow) but what he’s doing here is pointing out that this is NOTHING NEW, that this is not something Trump started or created.


So if you’re only just now clutching your pearls that means you haven’t been paying attention.

See? He said it much better.

Or in other words, the same old same old. Greenwald was especially brilliant in his thread by sharing a Rolling Stone article proving his point, they are definitely NOT right-leaning in any way.

Bravo, right?!


And we shouldn’t let the media moralize about it either.


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