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FUME! Sen. Heidi Heitkamp openly admits she ignored what N. Dakotans wanted on Kavanaugh (listen)

Nothing says ‘vote for me’ like talking badly about your constituents, not to mention talking down TO them. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp may well have thrown in the towel if she is openly claiming she had better judgment about Kavanaugh than the people who elected her did.


Democrats, this is why you keep losing.

Please, by all means, continue.


Heidi is so done.

Like DONE, done.

Ain’t it great?

Party over people, yup.

She didn’t forget, she’s just finally allowing her elitism to show as all good Democrats eventually do.


But she knew better or something!

Last time this editor checked, Heidi was down 9 points … she’s not all that concerned about pretending to represent the people of North Dakota anymore.

Color us not shocked.


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