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'Disgrace to survivors.' Sara Gonzales' thread detailing how she went from believing to disbelieving Ford is CRUSHING

If you read nothing else on Twitter today (and with how crazy it’s been who could blame you), read this thread from Sara Gonzales.

Trust us.

Gonzales talks about how she believed Ford in the beginning and then explains why she stopped believing her … and it’s brutal, crushing, and powerful, all in one.



Huh. Actually, her responsibility was just to prove her allegations against Kavanaugh.

Which she clearly did not.

Convenient, eh?



They’re playing games at this point, not helping people which is incredibly infuriating if you think about it. Her goal all along was not to ‘help’ anyone other than Democrats in stalling and perhaps blocking Kavanaugh.

That’s becoming more and more evident.

She’s not as dumb as she plays.



Boom went the dynamite.


All day this. ^


So many ‘tells’ at this point we’ve completely lost track.

And thank God it’s almost over.


Yeah NO! Brit Hume dumps cold water on Senate Dems’ claim FBI investigation shows Kavanaugh’s ‘inappropriate behavior’

FBI investigation BACKFIRING, DiFi? Sen. Dianne Feinstein goes after Rachel Mitchell and her memo in DESPERATE dig

‘Drove me absolutely NUTS’! Ford’s fear of flying may not have been the only FAKE thing about her testimony (we KNEW it!)

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