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DANCE FIGHT! Brian Fallon's rally of 'taking to the streets' after McConnell filed cloture on Kavanaugh goes HILARIOUSLY bad

The moment ‘Cocaine Mitch’ filed cloture on Kavanaugh, millions of little, angry, Leftist heads POPPED all across the country. If you were listening closely you might have actually heard them … it sounded like someone was making popcorn on the stove.


*pop pop pop pop*


And you know what else was glorious? Watching people respond to Brian Fallon’s rally cry about taking to the streets. OMG we so needed to laugh:



Wake us when you’re done.


Get ’em, RedSteeze.

‘One day mooooore … another day, another destiny.’


*oh snap*


This editor laughed far harder at this than she should have.

Clearly, we’re all very worried about Brian and his pals taking to the streets.

Or not.


‘YOUR MOM is fair game.’ Jagoff who got PTSD from firing a gun claims Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter is ‘fair game’

FBI investigation BACKFIRING, DiFi? Sen. Dianne Feinstein goes after Rachel Mitchell and her memo in DESPERATE dig

‘Drove me absolutely NUTS’! Ford’s fear of flying may not have been the only FAKE thing about her testimony (we KNEW it!)

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