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She's gonna BLOW! Yashar Ali calls NYT out for OBVIOUS bias in 1 of their writers and Gizmodo editor FLIPS OUT on him

Yashar Ali is one of the more unbiased journos we read and cover here on Twitchy. While we don’t always necessarily agree with him, it seems that he is willing to call out issues regardless of the outlet in question.


Like his tweet pointing out to the NYT that the writer of their piece on Kavanaugh was likely biased …

‘Not a good look.’

Fair criticism of the New York Times.

And for whatever reason, his tweet enraged the editorial editor of Gizmodo …

She seems oddly angry about something she didn’t even write.

And maybe it’s just us but this sounds like a personal attack.



We’re not entirely sure what her point really is … so no.

There it is.

Always classy.


And to think, Twitter is still free.

Clearly, white men are to blame for this. *snort*


Yeah, dude.

We were told there would be no math.

*oh no he di’int*


Did she really use the word mansplaining? That’s so 2017.

Reading is all about white male privilege.



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