Michael Avenatti is having a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad week considering his client, Julie Swetnick, has become her own worst enemy. And we get it, it seems he really wanted to be part of this whole circus so he can pretend he’s some sort of women’s advocate but … yeah.

If we didn’t have doubts about Swetnick’s story before her interview on NBC last night, Americans certainly do now. Talk about a hot mess of an interview.

Would seem Michael took offense to Megyn Kelly’s comments about Swetnick’s credibility:

We especially like how he’s scolding Megyn here.

‘You know better.’

That sounds sorta like something a misogynist man might say to a woman. Hrm.

Bingo. Simply being in possession of a vagina doesn’t automatically make someone’s credibility unquestionable.

And if Swetnick is lying she and her attorney are doing a tremendous amount of damage to real survivors.


No, the only thing we really know here is that no matter what Kavanaugh says, the Left keeps finding a way to move their goalposts and accuse him of some new lie or atrocity. It’s getting so damn old.

And so is Avenatti.


Feminists. *eye roll*


Megyn had EVIDENCE.

And she remembered what happened.

Crazy how that works.

Nailed it.

Who’da thunk it?


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