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'What a SH*TSHOW!' Democrats' plotted, coordinated attempt to adjourn Kavanaugh hearing gets SHUT DOWN

As we all knew would happen, Democrats have lost their damn minds this morning already at the #Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. From rags like Vox and Mother Jones calling Kavanaugh ‘divisive’ to morons dressed up in red robes … it’s been a sh*tshow.


And it’s just getting started.

For example, Kamala Harris and other Democrats tried to adjourn the hearing:

Mikel is SO passionate. Poor guy.


Sounds like this was part of the Democrats plan …


This tells you their concerns are purely political and that at this point they’re performing, not legislating.

And guess what?

They didn’t shut it down.

They’re not going to shut it down.

They’re going to move forward and they’re going to ultimately confirm him.


What a ridiculous, silly, attempt by these elected officials who are supposed to be the adults in the room.

Everything Democrats do turns into this. Dramatic, emotional, political nonsense.

If you’re listening to this circus and you’re not rolling your eyes you’re tougher than we are.

And lit.



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