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'AMAZING admission'! Maria Bartiromo hints Twitter may be 'hiding' DAMNING Clapper/ Obama tweet

Maria Bartiromo shares many interesting stories and tweets on her timeline, especially when it comes to business. But this tweet is interesting on many different levels, from the fact that it appears to be an ‘amazing admission’ by James Clapper to hinting that for some reason people can’t view the tweet at all.


Why else would she ask folks to let her know ‘if they can see it’?

The tweet Maria is referring to is over a month old:

Truth be told, when this editor tried to look at the tweet it appeared she is blocked. Others are claiming Twitter is saying they’re not allowed to see it … Maria herself asking her followers if they can see the tweet speaks volumes.

Yup, this was an amazing admission, basically claiming Obama ‘set off’ the original investigation which led to the Mueller investigation, but what’s even stranger is that Twitter would feel the need to perhaps ‘hide’ this tweet. Is Clapper admitting Obama started this mess not part of a healthy conversation, Jack?

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Right. Nothing damning here.


Several tweets on the thread like this one.


*readjusts tinfoil hat*


Crazy, right?

It’s almost like Twitter is protecting Obama.

Surely they wouldn’t do that.

*adds another layer of tinfoil to hat*


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