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Straight outta the propaganda playbook! Sharyl Attkisson takes John Brennan and Sen. Wyden APART and DAMN

Sharyl Attkisson doesn’t show any signs of letting up on John Brennan any time soon.

Hey, if he wants to put himself in the public eye this is part of it. Fun, ain’t it, John?


Sharyl’s still not taking any prisoners.

And wow, this guy still had a security clearance? Trump did us a YUGE favor. Tell us he doesn’t remind you of some cranky old guy yelling at kids in the neighborhood for being on his lawn.

People defending Brennan, we just don’t get it.


Yes, we agree.



From The Atlantic:

  • In 2011, Leon Panetta––the previous director of the CIA––“revealed the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the Osama bin Laden raid and named the unit’s ground commander” in the presence of an uncleared Hollywood filmmaker.
  • In 2012, John Brennan inadvertently “helped lead to disclosure of the secret at the heart of a joint U.S.-British-Saudi undercover counter-terrorism operation.”
  • During the Senate intelligence committee’s torture investigation, the CIA, which desperately wanted to conceal Leon Panetta’s torture review from the Senate, incompetently made it available to them through a Google search function.
  • And now they’ve accidentally released a draft letter that they intended to suppress.


Sadly it did work, a little.

But it sounds like that’s coming apart, finally.

Sharyl didn’t stop at Brennan.




And with us.

Crazy ain’t it?


Odd indeed.



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