If you find yourself looking for inequality in any and all things you might have too much free time on your hands. Scratch that, you definitely have too much free time on your hands. Take for example this tweet from Amanda Kolson Hurley, a blue check we’d honestly never heard of until she claimed that frequent-flyer miles are a tool of inequality.

Admit it, you just made the same face we did when we read it. That face you make when you’re on the treadmill at the gym and for whatever reason, the woman next to you wants to have a lengthy and meaningful conversation with you.

Let’s break this down, shall we? People who travel a good deal for work are away from their families a lot, not to mention it’s very expensive to fly. So her opinion is airlines and credit card companies who award people with frequent-flyer miles are somehow pushing a sort of inequality … even though these same people have more than earned their miles.

And we hate to break it to her but there is no such thing as a free vacation.

Her perspective on this particular issue seems a bit … skewed. No wonder she deleted it.

And then played the victim.

Nobody is trying to de-platform anyone, many people were just so taken aback by the crazy they had to react.

Ain’t THAT the truth. Ha!

What he said.

Did we mention she played the victim? A lot?

Of course, she couldn’t be bothered to actually engage people who disagreed with her and instead labeled them as ‘MAGA Twitter’ as a means to ignore their points and lump them into a vilified, dehumanized group.

In other words, Twitter-inequality. *snicker*

Is this guy saying only men have frequent-flyer miles?

Oh Lefties, never change.


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