When even the propaganda arm of the Democratic party is admitting there may not be this giant blue wave in November you know it’s bad. Lefties can ignore when outlets like Fox News talk about how badly Dems are doing across the country (guess it’s not popular to promise the people you will raise their taxes), but when the outlet is CBS, welp, they know it ain’t good

Alyssa Milano seems … worried.

What she should be saying here is that there’s clearly an issue on the Left if even traditional media is saying the Democrats may be in trouble this fall, but nope. She’d rather pretend that people aren’t scared enough to vote for Democrats.

Suppose when your entire platform is based on fear and intimidation it’s all you know how to do.

And if you thought Alyssa seems a tad panicked, check out the people on this thread.

Go ahead Dems, keep sticking your head in the sand pretending that tons of people in your party aren’t doing the #WalkAway.

Ummm he won because he won.


Yeah, stop reading CBS.

Because CBS is just like Fox News.

Yes, Russians are making people #WalkAway from Democrats.


HA HA HA HA … oh, sorry. Maybe this editor has had too much caffeine but this really struck her as funny.

And speaking of funny.

Because that worked out so well for Democrats in 2016.

Aren’t they adorbs?


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