Cue the bellyaching about the headline and this article.

But GIVE us a break already, would ya’?

CNN has made a habit of ‘investigating’ people in an aggressive manner by threatening to ‘report’ their personal information (also what is called doxing in social media circles) so Andrew will have to forgive us if we don’t feel overly sorry for him.

What’s up here?

Welp, it would appear Twitter didn’t find any violation of their Terms of Service. And EL OH EL, Jim Treacher nailed it!

They should have just threatened him, that makes it legit reporting.

*eye roll*

Okie dokie.

Golf clap?

Patience, dude.

Would appear Twitter decided it was a violation of their TOS; so when does the social media giant suspend CNN for this same behavior? Asking for a friend.

Right? Isn’t that how journalism works now?



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