We’ve already done a post Tuesday on one of George Takei’s hot takes, but I wanted to get back to this one from Monday. First, “homophobic” is a stupid word suggesting that people harbor an irrational fear of gay people. But worse is “cis,” meaning that you identify with the gender that matches your chromosomes. So it ends up that trans women are women, period, but biological females are cis women. If you didn’t have the “cis” prefix, it would suggest that a biological female identifying as a woman is “normal.”

I don’t buy the first part of Takei’s tweet, and I’m not sure if he’s serious about the second. Do people who “vehemently attack” trans folx worry that they’re not “fully cis”? They fear somehow that a latent part of them is trans?

I don’t wonder, but someone states my feelings below.

As an aside, do all the people who claim men are compensating for a small penis by carrying a gun think that “Austin” Hale was compensating for having no penis by having a stash of firearms?


When such a small part of the population demands that everyone kowtow to their demands so they feel normal, it makes me think they know they’re not normal. Makes you wonder.