Greg Gutfeld shared his thoughts on the media’s coordinated attack on Trump that really nobody even noticed because let’s be honest, every day they are coordinating attacks on Trump. This was nothing unusual even though they tried desperately to frame it as such.

Their whole mantra and narrative is DESTROY TRUMP. So what was different about yesterday?


This is great …

Talk about getting your arse chewed. Greg said what so many of us have been saying for months (years), and that’s basically that the media created, empowered, and enabled Trump because they thought he was the only one Hillary could beat.

And it bit them in their backside and NOW they’re mad.

They’re the victims.

They’re oppressed.

They’re the protectors of this country!

They’re beacons of the First Amendment!!!

They’re full of it.

In other words, a day that ends in ‘y’.

This is absolutely true; the press is its own worst enemy.

No matter how much they claim it’s all Trump’s fault.

Tough crowd.


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