Allie Beth Stuckey released another ‘interview,’ this time with Omarosa Manigault, which make sense since she’s been all over the news this week. Like Stuckey’s interview with Ocasio-Cortez, this may well cause another uproar from our good friends on the Left.

Because you know, anyone who hates Trump now is their bestest good friend.


The look on Omarosa’s face is what makes this MOCK interview work. Yeah, we figured we’d better point out that Stuckey isn’t actually interviewing Omarosa because there will inevitably be some people who get confused and rage about it later today.

Good times.

In the meantime, MOST people seem to understand it’s not ‘real’.


That there is funny, well-played!

And absolutely worked into the entire theme of the interview. Yup.


Considering far too many people on social media are missing their sense of humor, perhaps Stuckey should put a warning on her videos. You know, for the people who still need a warning on the bottle of shampoo NOT to eat it.

Now now, Stucky didn’t challenge Omarosa to a debate exactly.


Social media magic even.


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