Oh good.

The only Attorney General to have ever been held in contempt of Congress is defending John Brennan since mean ol’ Trump took away his security clearance. You have to wonder if John realizes how bad this really looks …

We’re going to guess no.

Eric Holder.

Blah blah blah.

Admit it, when you read his tweets all you hear in the back of your head is an adult from a Peanuts cartoon.

Or maybe that’s just us?

Damn son.

When you look at all of Eric’s accomplishments written out like this you really get the whole picture of who he was and is, and it ain’t good.

No wonder he’s a fan of John’s.

What she said.


I got you, bro.


We just work here man, don’t look at us.

We wouldn’t count on him gaining any real self-awareness anytime soon …


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