We know, you’re as surprised as we are that Twitter has officially verified Sarah Jeong.

It was only a matter of time considering she’ll soon be sitting on the New York Times’ editorial board even if she has openly tweeted terribly racist and bigoted things about white people. Guess if your racism is of the right flavor Twitter doesn’t mind verifying you:

Good point.

For example, there are six editors who work for Twitchy and only one of us is verified. And not for a lack of trying … other editors have just been told they are not the type of accounts Twitter verifies. Sure, we cover the news and Twitter and work for a large media outlet, but we’re just not as special as Ms. Wrong. Errr, Jeong.

What a nifty blue check, eh?


Only the ones who don’t vote for Democrats.

Yup. He was verified so people who were giving him their hard-earned money would know they were giving it to the right grifter.

Good point.

Not that it will ever matter to the New York Times.

This is truer than Twitter will ever admit.

And they shouldn’t play favorites with verifying accounts but here we are.

*scratches head*

Twitter sure as heck doesn’t.


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