Would seem Ann Coulter has some strong opinions about the Democrats and Hillary Clinton …

We suppose Democrats could still be running Hillary in 2028 and yeah, Hillary would be a tad bit older.

But just a tad.


Democrats have a problem with rich, white, old people, like Hillary. It’s hard to claim that you’re the diverse, young, and hip party when you keep running the same old dinosaurs over and over again. Seriously.

Let’s hope they keep doing it. Heck, Ann already built them a mailer.

Doesn’t look a day over 110, right?

Oh, and if you guys want to see a meltdown, check out the comments on this thread:

Resist types have zero sense of humor.

Is this like one of those, ‘I know you are but what am I,’ insults?

Yeah, Hillary lives in a giant glass house.

Sports writer.

Stick with sports.

Maybe this person forgot when Hillary called Trump’s supporters deplorable?

Not the most original bunch, eh?


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