Last week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez BETRAYED her lapdog media by locking them out of her town hall, and as you’d expect, they lost their minds over it. After everything they’ve done FOR HER, she locks THEM OUT?! The nerve.


We’re not sure what’s funnier, their temper tantrum for being locked out OR her medisaplaining why she did it.

See for yourself.

It became ‘a thing’ when she was gone.

Who talks like this?

And sorry, but the biggest critique we’ve heard is that it made Alexandria look like a coward. *shrug*

Because the media doesn’t make the people feel safe.

You catch that?


Her apologies guys. She’s super sorry if it alarmed or upset the media.

Ok, this was definitely funnier than their temper tantrum.

It’s sort of like a spa minus the crappy music.


Not a good look for a woman of the little people. In fact, if Trump kicked the media out we’d hear nothing but how elitist he is, and how cowardly.

Way to go, Alexandria.

Just a helpful hint – if you’re ticking off the people who you want to vote for you THIS MUCH, you’re doing it wrong.

Good talk.


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