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TRUTH-NUKE! Dan Bongino takes Philip Rucker's list of Brennan's SHINING 'public service' apart piece by piece

Gosh, Philip Rucker makes John Brennan out to sound like a pretty RAD and important guy …


Impressive, right? That whole Director of Terrorist Threat Integration Center sounds super important and stuff. Who knew we had a whole center for terrorist threat integration, whatever the Hell that is.

That being said, seems Philip left out a few pesky details when it comes to Brennan and his public service. Luckily, Dan Bongino was there to fill in the blanks:



So much boom.

In fact, the amount of boom in this list boomed so loudly that it stopped booming only to boom again.

Yeah, we noticed Philip left out that whole perjury thing …

But wait, Sean Davis had even more to add!


Huh, Sean mentioned perjury too.

Seeing a theme here.

He’s certainly been a popular guy on the ‘circuit’ these days, this is true.


No idea, but apparently it’s some sort of Constitutional right.



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