Sharyl Attkisson has been relentless in her coverage of the Obama administration unmasking people in the Trump campaign, not to mention unmasking plain ol’ everyday Americans. So it’s no surprise people look to her on the topic for more information …

Sharyl shared her piece questioning what had happened to the investigation around the Obama administration unmasking people, it seems to have suddenly disappeared. And for some reason, Montel Williams decided to stick his nose in her thread and seemingly attempted to shut her up about the unmaskings.

Gosh, the government spying on people sounds like a real problem to this editor.

Call us crazy.

‘But with respect’. You’ve gotta love this woman. Perhaps if Montel’s computer had been spied on because he was reporting the wrong things he’d have a teensy bit more sympathy for her situation.

This guy.

‘Hope you’re well’. Like that in any way takes away the notion that he was all but shaming Sharyl for covering yet another scandal from the Obama administration. Just because he doesn’t care about the issue doesn’t mean thousands of other Americans don’t.

And once again, Sharyl handled the entire conversation with style.

She could be right, which of course is the bigger story and the bigger picture.



Montel’s manager, Jonathan Franks, contacted Twitchy to reaffirm that Montel has nothing but respect and admiration for Sharyl Attkisson and asked that we update this piece with these corrections/tweets in response to the original article. – Ed.


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