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Oh HONEY! Alyssa Milano tries SO HARD to pretend she can stop Kavanaugh you'll ALMOST feel sorry for her (almost)

Let us be clear.

There’s not a whole lot Alyssa Milano or any other whiny Democrat can do to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. And they have their fellow Democrat (our fave!) Harry Reid to thank for that.


Hey, we warned the Left that eventually they wouldn’t be the majority when Reid pulled that crap, but they wouldn’t listen. So this here is what you call a consequence for that action …

See, we’re clear and stuff.

Also, Kavanaugh is not a threat to anyone’s health care. So much fear mongering!

If Obamacare is Constitutional they have nothing to worry about, right? Kavanaugh is a literalist … of course, we all know Obamacare is far from Constitutional and that’s why the Left is losing their damn minds but that’s beside the point.


Sounds legit.

Democrats would have no tactics at all if they weren’t using scare tactics.


Awww Twitter, don’t ever change.


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