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ZOMG LOL! James Woods' pic showing the 'tell' when Hillary and other Democrats are LYING is brutally PERFECT

Being an actor, James Woods probably spends a good deal of time watching people’s body language and facial expressions as part of his craft. So it’s no wonder that he picked up on a ‘tell’ from certain Democrats when they’re not sure which lie to spew when asked a question they either don’t know the answer to or don’t want to answer at all.


Crazy eyes!

And yikes, the picture of Nancy Pelosi is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Just make sure you don’t make eye contact folks … look away.

We dunno, man. Pelosi is hanging in there, she has all of that Botox in her favor.

*oh calm down, it’s just a joke*


And we’re getting closer to Halloween too. Maybe ideas for new and terrifying masks? Especially that Pelosi one … yikes.


The plot THICKENS! Keith Ellison’s own tweets show history of relationship with Karen Monahan (and her son!)

But TRUMP rallies! WATCH Antifa protesters attack NBC reporter and his crew in Charlottesville

WHOA if true: MN Dem. Debra Hilstrom tweets SHOCKING Facebook post accusing Keith Ellison of domestic violence

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